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If you had a chance to change the mistakes of the past - would you?
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 some nights [opened]

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Gabrielle Danes

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PostSubject: some nights [opened]   Tue Oct 15, 2013 5:44 pm

Gabrielle's bare feet sank into the soft sand as it squelched between her toes. she sighed as she carried her sandals as she walked. Her dark auburn hair hung down against her back in soft waves as she continued to walk. She knew it was going to be a full moon out tonight and end up shifting.

She didn't mind though what she was. She had accepted it a long time ago and now frankly couldn't and didn't want to be anything else in the world. this was who she was. she reached up and tucked a few strands of hair behind her ear as she enjoyed the lovely weather. Today was actually not bad considering they'd had some bad rain over night and now most of the areas were either flooded or soaked to the brim.

She stopped in the middle of the beach and stared out at the horizon. A few seagulls squawked and dive bombed the surface aiming for some fish that had come up to the surface. she paused, watching them.

Gabrielle hadn't met anyone lately and she was wondering if she would. Sighing she hugged her arms against her chest and stared out at the water.
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Jason Petrankov
Jason Petrankov

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PostSubject: Re: some nights [opened]   Tue Oct 15, 2013 6:12 pm

Jason had crawled to the beach last night all bloodied and cut up, he watche his ex kill her Lycan side, which she should've died, now he wishes she did, but he sighed as a tear ran down his face, that bond was gone forever now. His brown eyes gazed off at the waves, as the water rushed up over his body then retreated, his silver and black fur caked in dried blood, his vision was blurry as he reached his hand out to touch a turtle'Maybe I am meant to be alone." He thought and closed his eyes. A crab scurries over and nipped him, which sent him over the edge. He snarled visciously and slammed his fist onto the crab and busted it wide open. He flung it's remains into the sea as he sat up and then laid down. The wound on his chest stung as he rolled over and sighed. There was no one who cared anything about him, even his own daughter. He sighed sadly and whined lowering his ears
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some nights [opened]
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