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Welcome to RH! We are new and based on all races of the Supernatural, and trail a very interesting, original plot. We have a word count of 55, and are very welcoming! Come join us today, and not only rewrite your past, but write your own future!

If you had a chance to change the mistakes of the past - would you?
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 gabrielle danes

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Gabrielle Danes

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Name - Gabrielle Danes
Creature - Werewolf
Age - 28
Gender - female
Sexuality - straight, heterosexual

Appearance - gabrielle danes MV5BMzkxMjMyMjI3OF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNjI0ODIwNQ@@._V1._SX300_SY400_
Personality - gabby is down to earth and enjoys meeting new people. she's open and social but she can have a rather snarky side to her if pushed the wrong way. She can be sarcastic and sharp tongued, but only when someone annoys her or pushes her buttons. Other than that she's compassionate and loyal and would do anything for her friends. She can be shy. she has a quick temper but is is also stubborn and strong minded. She doesn't really talk about her past much but it depends on who's asking.

Crush - None
GF / BF - None
Wife / Husband -None
Other -N/A
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Jason Petrankov
Jason Petrankov

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gabrielle danes
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