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If you had a chance to change the mistakes of the past - would you?
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 Coraline - Human.

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Katherine Owens
Katherine Owens

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Coraline - Human. Empty
PostSubject: Coraline - Human.   Coraline - Human. EmptyTue Jul 16, 2013 3:09 pm

Name - Coraline Blixen. [ Cora. ]
Creature - Human.
Age - 19.
Gender - Female.
Sexuality - Straight.

Appearance - Straight, black hair down to her mid-waist, with uneven bangs. She has violet eyes and a pale complexion, with great curves but a independent feel to her. She, all in all, looks bad-ass.

Personality - Quiet, easily angered, and very determined over things she wants.

Crush - Spectre.
GF / BF - Nada.
Wife / Husband - Nope.
Other - ----

Coraline - Human. Tumblr_m69a67scXO1qd54da
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Coraline - Human.
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