Rewrite History
Welcome to RH! We are new and based on all races of the Supernatural, and trail a very interesting, original plot. We have a word count of 55, and are very welcoming! Come join us today, and not only rewrite your past, but write your own future!

If you had a chance to change the mistakes of the past - would you?
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 Spectre shadox

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Jason Petrankov

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PostSubject: Spectre shadox   Mon Jul 15, 2013 9:55 pm

Age:350 years
Hair color:brown
Eye color: green
Spectre wears a long sleeve shirt with a cross design. He always wears jeans and wears a cross necklace. He's 6'3 and weighs 156 pounds he's slim and tone/muscular.

Spectre personality: specter is always thinking of others and always wants to help. He is very smart and loves to read books. He loves animals an that's about it.

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Spectre shadox
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